13th Age Nominated for 3 (+1) ENnie Awards

Pelgrane Press has received 15 nominations in 11 categories for 9 products in this year’s ENnie awards, in a field festooned with stellar games and publishers. And this year, 13th Age is up for Best Game, Best Rules, and Product of the Year.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Compatible Edition from Kobold Press (designed by ASH LAW and edited by me) is nominated forBest Monster/Adversary.

There are so many great RPGs in the running this year that it’s hard to go wrong. But if you honor us with your vote, we’d be incredibly grateful.

(And hey, check out the free ENnies Sampler 2014 that Pelgrane posted on DriveThruRPG, with excerpts from each nominated book and music from the two nominated game soundtrack albums.)

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