13th Age in Korean

LogoJoining an extensive list of European languages including French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish, Korean will be the next translation of 13th Age. Our newest licensees, Dayspring Games, sent us the picture below.

“My name is Sungil Kim (on the left) and I work with Narim Park (on the right) at Dayspring Games. We are the oldest and the most active roleplaying games publisher in South Korea. I had visited Pelgrane Press’ booth at GenCon last August and talked with Simon. I was so sold on 13th Age that I wasted no time in asking for the translation license once I was back in Seoul. If you can believe it, 13th Age is probably going to be the first officially released d20-rolling game in Korean language since the Red Box D&D!

We expect to go to print in Fall 2015.”



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