Spoilers! Secret Achievements for the Dracula Dossier

The Dracula Dossier is an improvised campaign in the style of the Armitage Files. It’s got multiple takes on everything and everyone, so the term “spoiler” doesn’t necessary apply, depending on which way the quantum vampire hops. Still, here are some waypoints that are going to crop up in nearly every run-through of the campaign.

Not Their Finest Hour: Locate and interrogate “Van Sloan”, the 1940s annotator.

The Third Man: Locate and interrogate “Cushing”, the 1977 annotator.

Whistleblower: Locate and interrogate “Hopkins”, the 2011 annotator.

Unnaturally Prolonged: Encounter a character from the novel who’s still alive.

It Lingers, Ja?: Use Vanderpool’s Garlic against a vampire.

The Earth Shall Shake: Survive an earthquake.

It Is The Man Himself: Identify Count Dracula from Aytown’s portrait or the associated cameos of Dracula.

We Should Speak, Perhaps, Of Telluric Currents: Learn about Telluric Vampires.

Light Up The Darkness: Rescue a contact from the Black Light interrogation centre.

Edom’s Vampire: Identify Edom’s vampiric asset.

The Mole:  Identify the real mole in Edom.

Sinking The Stone Ship: Blow up HMS Proserpine.

I Have An Indulgence: Find a  weapon that works on Dracula.

I Just Can’t Seem To Care: Gain advance knowledge of an Edom operation against a terrorist cell, and allow it to go ahead anyway.

Dracula’s Guest: Blow up Castle Dracula.

Dukes of Hazard: Survive three different attacks by Dukes of Edom.

Smiley’s People: Turn a Duke of Edom to your side.

Endgame: Engage Dracula with lethal force.


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