The Seven Most Expensive Assassins of the Gaean Reach

You will surely not employ professional killers to slay galactic arch-villain Quandos Vorn. What he did to you was too cruel, too awful, to allow you to take your sworn vengeance from a remove. However, prowling after him will require you to move in his circles—a milieu also swimming with murderers-for-hire. As many others wish Vorn dead, highly-compensated death-dealers might complicate with your plans with their own attempts to exterminate him. After you start thwarting his schemes, Quandos Vorn may hire assassins to neutralize you. It is therefore wise to acquaint yourself with the top killers working in the Gaean Reach today. With his penchant for disguises, one or more of the names on this list might be Quandos Vorn.

  1. Armas Chent. A devolved human with crystalline hair, taken as a mascot by starmenters, who tormented him enthusiastically. After systematically slaying all of them and taking their ship, he uses the skills they taught to satisfy his twin lusts for cash and slaughter.
  2. Rendis Fole. A native of Astropolis, Fole claims to be the current incarnation of Flust, the unspeakable 13th god of that planet (or star cluster—one is never sure.) He proves his case to skeptics by showing them video of the rite in which Flust mounted him. Those who continue to doubt his divinity taste the point of his anti-matter rapier.
  3. Ellegus Ria. Red-haired, pale-skinned rogue princess of Denebola IV. Generally taciturn but voluble on the subject of the six eviscerations, and the proper order in which to perform them. Gainsay her at your peril.
  4. The Lambkin. Former miner of the Rhea asteroid field. Specializes in death by suffocation but will branch out on request. The sobriquet is ironic.
  5. Slelum Ah. Formerly of the planet Nion, this short, unassuming killer lit out for the spaceways after deciding he never again wanted to eat a bowl of pold. Notorious for weeping during his murders, a propensity his lucky survivors find disconcerting. Favors knives and needles.
  6. Verina. Swore vengeance on Quandos Vorn’s mentor when he drained her formerly lush planet of water, transforming it into an arid hellhole. Agrees to murder only other murderers. Noted for her surgical use of mag grenades.
  7. Iller the Amnesiac. Had his memories surgically removed, a decision that, no longer understanding why he took this step, he now regards as rash. A starred oracle of Euville told him he could restore his recall by committing a string of murders. Iller reckons that he might as well choose victims someone else wants dead, as they are statistically more likely than the general population to deserve it.

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