Share Your Pelgrane Mixtape

high-fidelity-cusack-mixtapeAs you know, we’re big fans of tabletop RPG soundtracks. We have several official soundtracks to our games for sale in the Pelgrane Store thanks to the brilliance of James Semple and his collaborators. (Scroll down and click on Music to open that section.)

But ours are not the only possible soundtracks! Fans of Pelgrane games have created playlists featuring everything from orchestral film scores to electronic dance music, including Music for the 13th Age by Matthew Federico, and Night’s Black Agents playlists by mathey and myself. And we’d love to hear yours.

Please share your playlists for Night’s Black Agents, 13th Age, Esoterrorists, Ashen Stars, TimeWatch or any of our other games on Twitter with the hashtag #mypelgranemix or leave it here in a comment. We’re hoping to post a roundup of great music in the next Page XX!

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