April 2015: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

The London office has a Cat-shaped hole in it, as she settles back home in her native Ireland. The Dracula Dossier is progressing – Gar and Ken barely have a reflection left between them. Kevin has been editing and polishing the TimeWatch manuscript, and we’ve taken the management of communications for the project in-house – there is an update for backers here.

We’ve got so many new releases and bonus content, I’ve listed them under topic headings below.

13th Age

In The Strangling Sea, Robin D Laws becalms your brave adventurers in a ships’ graveyard.

13th Age Monthly brings you Children of the Icons, for players whose characters Unique Thing is an association with the one of the 13. As a bonus, we’d added Make Your Own Luck, the FreeRPGDay adventure as a download for subscribers. Look out for an annoucement in May concerning other bonus content!


Eyes of the Stone Thief, our megadungeon campaign, is now available as a PDF.

Ken Writes About Stuff

Hideous Creatures: Tcho-Tcho from Ken Writes About Stuff reveals what the Tcho-Tcho know and is now available as a stand-alone PDF.

If you own Ken Writes About Stuff Vol 2, you’ll notice the bonus issue is available from your order page , Foul Congeries 2 which features the Bat-Thing, the Black-Winged Ones, and Medusa.

Subscribers to Volume 3 can now download The Spear of Destiny. Is it the Spear that pierced Christ’s side, or the Spear of Odin? Does it grant true kingship or invincibility?

Dracula Dossier

It’s not too late! Until 1st June 2015, new backers can still pledge at any available level, and get add-ons via paypal. Email us with details of the pledge you want, an we’ll let you know what to do. You can see the list of available pledge levels and add-ons here.

Dossier backers have a treat this month. In the latest backers-only update, the Dossier adventures from the Edom Files were released for playtesting, and the four pieces of music were also included. In the next update, the Director’s Handbook plain text will be available as a PDF.

I’ve never seen so much art coming in for one project and it’s of an exceptional quality: here is a portrait of Billie Harker by Jen Pattison.

Billie Harker


So, where are we?

For the core book, all the third-party writing content is in; 80% of the interior art, and Kevin is 25% of his way through the manuscript; editing his own and the third-party material.  Editing other contributors stuff so that it matches Kevin’s work is consuming the most of his time at the moment. I’ve been watching the manuscript updating almost daily – Kevin has used a highlighter on the whole thing and is scrubbing it off as it’s completed.

Four of the six adventures in Behind Enemy Times are in progress and all the third party content for the Book of Changing Years is in. Kevin will move on to those after the core book is edited.

Our original time estimates were very optimistic and based on a much smaller book, and looking in detail at the project as it stands, I think a delivery date of final book in December this year is realistic. The manuscript will be made available to backers in late summer – as soon as it’s had a copy editing pass. I apologise for this delay and for not updating the schedule sooner and we’ll let you know if this changes.

So thanks for sticking with us for what will be, in time, an amazing adventure!

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