New edition of See Page XX out now!

This month, in Page XX, pre-order The Strangling Sea, grab the PDF of The Eyes of the Stone Thief for 13th Age, get the latest news about the TimeWatch and Dracula Dossier Kickstarters, and playtest some one-shot story games.

  • Our new releases include The Strangling Sea, Eyes of the Stone Thief in PDF, Hideous Creatures: Tcho-Tcho, the Spear of Destiny for KWAS subscribers, and Children of the Icons for 13th Age Monthly.
  • In our articles find out who won the RPG Geek Series Pitch competition (and read all the entries!), Kenneth Hite stats up the original Dracula adventurers, Robin D Laws works out who gets the drama tokens in Game of Thrones, and Rob Heinsoo and ASH LAW stat up a shadow mongoose.
  • Our poll: which Pelgrane HBO show would you watch?

Check out Page XX now!

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