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Co-ordinating this month’s See Page XX from Ireland has been tricky. An abundance of beautiful art and music has been flooding in for the Dracula Dossier (if you’re a backer, you can see this in the latest backers-only update), using up all of the Irish internet pipes as both Gareth and I excitedly try to download it at the same time. Fortunately, this hasn’t stopped the relentless production machines from turning, and this month we’ve got Robin’s foray into 13th Age, The Strangling Sea adventure, up for pre-order. We’ve also released Eyes of the Stone Thief in PDF format; which is considerably more portable, if not quite as useful as a weapon.

In the subscription corner, we’ve got the April edition of KWAS, Hideous Creatures: Tcho-Tcho, now available in the webstore, as is the April edition of 13th Age Monthly, Children of the Icons. KWAS Vol. 3 subscribers now have the latest edition, The Spear of Destiny, on their order receipt pages – this will be available to non-subscribers at the end of May – and KWAS Vol. 2 subscribers have now got the bonus content, Foul Congeries 2, on their order receipt pages. And we’ve got two brand-new story games available to playtest, from our upcoming story games anthology (more details next week!)

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