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Mike wrote a ton reviews for KWAS! Thanks Mike! Here are some highlights. The full set is available here.

School of NightSchool of Night_cover

“If Ken wasn’t born to pen this campaign framework, I will turn in my “Hite Club” membership card. (First rule of Hite Club – the password is the most apropos variation of “Tyler Durden” from Gematria: “Psilocybin is Enochian”). He has given tantalizing glimpses of the subject for fifteen years, but here we get it in all its Gloriana.”

Tomb-Hounds of Egypt

Although a deviation from the alternating releases of Hideous Creatures, this campaign frame is still squarely in the Trail of Cthulhu wheelhouse, providing what Keepers need to run stories in 1930s Egypt. It’s basically a more detailed campaign frame like those from the back of the core book, without adhering to the capsule format. Good stuff for any Trail fan inspired by Indiana Jones, which sounds like one of the most useless Venn diagrams ever.

Moon Dust Men

“In it’s own right, Moon Dust Men provides a fine framework for conspiracy drama, action or spy-fi campery. Games might run the gamut from the slightly lighter weird science of Fringe or Men in Black through to much grittier, horrifying stuff, like the very best of The X-Files, Threshold or Delta Green.

Recommended both as a potential setting for those seeking conspiracy and as a interesting guide to forming a Gumshoe framework for your own investigative game.”

Looking Glass: MumbaiMumbai_cover_400

“Looking Glass: Mumbai boiled a fascinating city down to a thick lightly seasoned sauce and allows you to apply the resulting condiment however you see fit.

A brief and very focused taster of a complex and vast city with potential to be used in innumerable games, not just Gumshoe-powered ones. Ken offers a glimpse of the history, politics, crime, and urban mythology – and I found myself more than willing to take the next step.

I love using Wikipedia and similar repositories of information to fact surf my way through interesting articles – and having finished reading this I found myself skimming travel sites, digital maps, open picture albums and numerous Wikipedia cross-references.

If you have a curious mind already, you might have already seen this much – but, if you know nothing of Mumbai and you’re open to using the city as setting for one or more games, especially in Gumshoe settings, then I thoroughly recommend this bite-size guide as a springboard.

I’m left wishing I’d picked up on the Ken Writes About Stuff series from the outset.”

Thanks Mike!

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