13th Sage: Trivialities

By Rob Heinsoo

Welcome to the first-ever 13th Age Trivia & Miscellany 7-Question Non-Contest Experience. If you’re into trivia contests, oh happy day, hooray. Make your answers to one more questions as comments below and we’ll give a shout out later to the first person who correctly answered each specific question.

If puzzling over obscure trivia isn’t your thing, hold on a bit. I chose these questions because they have interesting answers. We’ll post those answers next week.

A. What monster in the core 13th Age rulebook became one of the player characters in my home campaign?

B. What is missing from the map published in the English version of the 13th Age core rulebook?

C. What is the name from a monk power in 13 True Ways that I’ve used in many/many published game products over the years, for reasons that I won’t say yet because that would lead to the answer?

D. What was the original shape of the Great Gold Wyrm’s symbol?

E. Who originally created the Koru Behemoths?

F. What 13th Age monster tile was I shocked and happy to see for the first time while standing in the lobby of a hotel that happened to have the same name as the monster?

G. What power name is shared by two classes in 13 True Ways, approaching the same words from entirely different angles?

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