Three Powerful Months

I’m excited about this year’s 13th Age Monthly lineup. The first three months show off the mix of GM material and player goodies we’re aiming for. The artists are doing splendid work, and in fact for much of the year, 13AM is likely to be the place to see color 13th Age art.

As you can see from the design credits so far this year, I’m staying fully involved with the Monthly. 13AM isn’t quite a Ken Writes About Stuff situation, like Pelgrane’s other monthly game subscription, because there will always be other designers writing for the Monthly. But I’ve gotten a lot more involved than we expected when we started this project, developing and art-directing all the issues. I’ve never handled a monthly publication process before. It started as a learning experience and has become fun.

We promise 4000 words a month and we nearly always publish more than that, because . . .fun!  If you’re subscribing, you’ve already got the first two issues shown below, with covers and interiors by Lee Moyer and Patricia Smith. Sorcerer Summoning, with cover and interior art by Rich Longmore, will be out within hours! If you subscribe now you’ll get all the issues from 2016 as well as the OP adventures when they release. . . . and that should also be happening now-ish, since ASH LAW’s Into the Underworld Part IV is ready to be unleashed.

Rakshasas cover Phoenix cover Sorcerer Summoning_cover 350


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