April playtesting

Dice imageIf you are interested any of these games, please email me with the game you wish to playtest in the subject line.


Fatal Frequencies

System: GUMSHOE One-2-One

Author: Ruth Tillman

Deadline: 16th May

Number of sessions: 1-2


Sadie Cain’s fiancé, George Preston, disappeared three days ago under mysterious circumstances—but the police are saying George is a murderer. Sadie thinks the police are framing him, and she’s come to you, ace reporter Vivian Sinclair, because you wrote about police frame-ups for the New York Herald a few years ago. Can you find George, and prove him innocent?

Capitol Colour

System: GUMSHOE One-2-One

Author: Chris Spivey

Deadline: 16th May

Number of sessions: 1-2


Where is Lynette Miller? Can you find her before it’s too late? Her worried father comes to you, part-time shamus Langston Montgomery Wright, for help—but time is already running out before you even start the case. The trail leads to a scheming villain, crooked politicians, a deadly trap, and the Beyond…

The Circle

System: Fear Itself 2nd Edition

Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Deadline: 31st May

Number of sessions: 1


Finding the corpse of Austin Spetz, their fellow participant in an experimental drug trial, is a shock for the PCs. But it’s nothing compared to the message that the aging museum curator is about to leave them after his death.

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