13th Age Organized Play Update: May 2016

Ironfire: Part 2

The dwarven city of Frostfire has a problem—raids by the Orc Lord have caused the Dwarf King to withdraw his troops from the area, and criminal gangs and cults are taking advantage of the opportunity. The Dwarf King has agreed to trade the meteorite that holds the key to stopping the pernicious star-mask menace, but only if the adventurers help restore the rule of law.

Ironfire Part 2 is the next organized play adventure, coming soon! If you’re a 13th Age Monthly subscriber, you can download organized play adventures from your Bookshelf. RPGNow/DriveThruRPG/OneBookshelf subscriptions to 13th Age Monthly also include  organized play adventures.

Become a 13th Age Volunteer GM

There’s so much demand for 13th Age play at conventions that we can always use more help from GMs. If you want to join our crew as a volunteer GM, fill out this form!

13th Age at Evergreen Tabletop Expo

13th Age at ETX 2016Thanks to everyone who came out to play at ETX in Tacoma, WA this past weekend, and to our stellar volunteer GMs! On Saturday I got to run one session of our improvised two-hour demo, and was lucky enough to play in another demo.

In the first game, the world’s only half-elf was hunted by the evil Elf Queen, whose sinister plans were opposed by an unlikely alliance of the Priestess, High Druid, and Diabolist. In the second, a greedy wizard tried to loot the halls of the Dwarf King, accidentally giving free will to one of the dwarves’ forgeborn constructs and summoning a tiefling hellsinger—just before a pack of hungry ghouls emerged from the catacombs.

Ironfire 2 Monster Preview: Elder Bat-Shark

There is no upper limit to how large a shark-bat could grow; the only regulating factor is access to food.

Huge 5th level wrecker [BEAST]

Initiative: +11

Vulnerable: thunder

Bite and sever +10 vs. AC—55 damage

  • Crit: The target is either stuck and must move with the shark-bat and takes 15 ongoing damage (hard save ends all) OR loses a limb (target’s choice).

Scent of blood: The crit range for shark-bats expands by 1 for every staggered enemy or every staggered ally, whichever is higher.

Fly+Swim: Shark-bats can fly and swim with equal grace and speed, but are clumsy when forced to land.

AC 21

PD 19  HP 222

MD 15

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