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13th Age Organized Play Update: October 2016

Return to Screamhaunt Castle Screamhaunt Castle disappeared years ago. Tonight, it returned to its birthplace of Gravenstein. Now the adventurers must contend with ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night to investigate the cursed place. To add to their worries, Madame Vex the seer has given the adventurers a very disturbing card […]

13th Age Organized Play Update: September 2016

Dungeon Moon The epic conclusion of the battle against the star-masks is here! Board the legendary flying ship the Ostulti and ascend into the starlit sky, where you’ll attempt to kill the living dungeon that spawns the star-masks, and end their menace once and for all. Dungeon Moon is the latest 13th Age Alliance organized play adventure, designed for characters of 9th […]

13th Age Organized Play Update: August 2016

Tides of Fate: Part 2 The magical ship Ostulti is a legend—created in a long-ago age, it’s a flying fortress able to ascend to the highest heavens where the living star-mask dungeons were long ago banished, and from which they have now returned. In order to reach the star-mask dungeon planet the Ostulti will be needed […]

13th Age: Race to Starport

The Dragon Empire faces a terrifying threat from the skies in this FREE ENnie award winning 13th Age adventure by ASH LAW. Fantasy adventure meets cosmic horror in the 13th Age Roleplaying Game, as the adventurers face strange beings banished to the stars in a previous age! Can they stop the creation of a portal that will […]

13th Age Organized Play Update: June 2016

Tides of Fate: Part 1 The Dragon Empire is under attack by strange creatures called star-masks, monsters that fall from the stars themselves. But if the legends are true, there’s a chance to take the fight to the enemy. The magical ship Ostulti, created in the age of the Wizard King, is a flying fortress that can ascend to the […]

13th Age Organized Play Update: May 2016

Ironfire: Part 2 The dwarven city of Frostfire has a problem—raids by the Orc Lord have caused the Dwarf King to withdraw his troops from the area, and criminal gangs and cults are taking advantage of the opportunity. The Dwarf King has agreed to trade the meteorite that holds the key to stopping the pernicious […]

13th Age Organized Play Update: April 2016

Ironfire: Part 1 For months, strange meteorites have rained down on the Dragon Empire, bringing strange creatures known as star-masks: parasites that latch onto the faces of other beings and take over their minds and bodies. Now the Dwarf King has announced that he’s retrieved an intact meteorite and is willing to sell it to the highest bidder. […]

13th Age Organized Play Update: March 2016

Into The Underworld 4: Eldwold Rises! Into The Underworld: Eldwold Rises! is the fourth installment in the Underworld series. The adventurers have been tracking a gem that crashed into the underworld inside a meteorite—and now the gem has finally been located, in a malevolent living dungeon that’s has patterned itself after the now-ruined surface city of Eldwold. Into the […]

13th Age Organized Play: February 2016 Update

Game Masters Still Needed for Gen Con! And Other Cons! There’s so much demand for 13th Age play at conventions that we can always use more help from GMs. If you want to join our crew as a volunteer GM, fill out this form! Download Into The Underworld 3: Among The Dead Into The Underworld: Among […]

13th Age Organized Play: January 2016 Update

Game Masters Needed for Gen Con It’s time to submit events for Gen Con Indy 2016, and once again we plan to run tons of organized play sessions! If you want to join our crew as a volunteer GM, email cat@pelgranepress.com with your name, contact info, and days/hours you’re available at the show. Hope to see you […]

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