13th Age Organized Play Update: August 2016

Tides of Fate: Part 2

The magical ship Ostulti is a legend—created in a long-ago age, it’s a flying fortress able to ascend to the highest heavens where the living star-mask dungeons were long ago banished, and from which they have now returned. In order to reach the star-mask dungeon planet the Ostulti will be needed once again. The only problem? It was lost when the Wizard King fell.

Tides of Fate Part 2 is the latest 13th Age Alliance organized play adventure, designed for 8th level characters in four two-hour sessions. If you’re a 13th Age Monthly subscriber, you can download organized play adventures from your Bookshelf. RPGNow/DriveThruRPG/OneBookshelf subscriptions to 13th Age Monthly also include  organized play adventures.

Become a 13th Age Volunteer GM

There’s so much demand for 13th Age play at conventions that we can always use more help from GMs. If you want to join our crew as a volunteer GM, fill out this form!

13th Age signing at PAX West this Friday

Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, and Wade Rockett will be at Uncle’s Games PAX West booth on Friday, September 2nd between noon and 2:00! They’ll be happy to hear about your character’s One Unique Thing, and sign anything they’ve worked on: 13th Age, Shadowrun: Crossfire, the new Big Trouble in Little China card game, Grandmother Fish, and more.


13th Age at ValorCon Chicago Sept 30 – Oct 2

At least two GMs are set to run 13th Age at ValorCon: J. Michael Bestul, and General Ironicus of Six Feats Under.

Their games aren’t listed yet, but you can keep an eye on their profiles:

Play Report: Wild West Comics and Games

GM Carlo Aceytuno writes:

13th Age table at Wild West GamesSo Friday night i dropped off some 13th Age display items at Wild West Comics and Games – Arlington and on Saturday, they used them to set up a reserved table for the demo.

It worked! I got there early on Saturday and as soon as i arrived, I was already being pounced on with questions by players eager to start!

Some already reviewed the icon sheet I printed out and had relationship ideas in mind!

The demo ran about 3 hours and with a half-orc barbarian hero, a dwarven cleric with an unpredictable planar-travel sickness, and a halfing rogue who invented the only lockpick that can open any door (if only it worked).

The cleric accidentally plane-shifted into the half-orc tribe whose hero was destined to claim the an ancient Orc Lord artifact, while the rogue tagged a long to steal it for the Prince of Shadows.

A few Mooks, montages, Lizardmen, a monstrous boss, two rolls of 6s, the rogue decided to side with the Orc Lord, causing his Positive to change to Conflicted for the Prince of Shadows who won’t be pleased… but he earned the respect of the Orc Lord.

Tides of Fate Monster Preview: Squid-Shark

Large 8th level spoiler [BEAST]

Initiative: +10

Grinding maw +12 vs. AC (+14 vs AC if the target was just pulled into engagement with the shark immediately before this attack)—40 damage, and 12 ongoing damage

Natural even hit: As a free action, the squid-shark can make a second grinding maw attack against a different enemy with a –2 attack penalty. If it gets another natural even hit, it can make a third (and final) grinding maw attack against a different enemy with a –4 attack penalty as a free action.

[quick action, once per round] C: Thrashing tentacles +12 vs. AC (1d3 nearby enemies)—24 damage and the target is pulled into engagement with it

Natural even miss: The squid-shark pulls the target into engagement with it.

Land & sea: Squid-sharks can briefly emerge from water, but take a cumulative -1 penalty (-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, etc) to their attacks and defenses for each of their turns that start out of water until they are completely high and dry. Once they are back into the water the penalties go away.

AC 23

PD 21         HP 200

MD 17

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