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We’re putting the finishing touches to some overdue projects this month, including sending the final version of Cthulhu Confidential – now with an additional chapter about the Mythos, and many typo fixes – to the printers. We’ll be closing pre-orders for this on March 21st. We’re also shipping the physical Hawkins Papers to Kickstarter backers this month, so Pelgranista homes no longer double as “Hawkins document storage”. Both projects have been greatly improved by the additional time we’ve spent on them, and we’re excited to see what you make of them.

Speaking of time, here’s what we’re releasing this month, too – specifically, pre-orders for a set of three new adventures called The Valkyrie Gambit, along with the GM Screen and Resource Guide, both of which are for the TimeWatch RPG. The PDFs will be available to download in mid-March. And as we’re on the subject, today’s date is significant – it’s Gareth’s birthday. Have a good one, Gareth!

New Releases


13th Age

      • 13th Sage: Player Character Damage Math – Rob Heinsoo shares the basic math behind how much damage characters should deal, for creating your own character classes or variants.
      • The Order of the Ages – Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan on his latest 13th Age project, the (provisionally titled) Book of Ages

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