March playtesting

Dice imageIf you are interested any of these games, please email us with the adventure you wish to playtest in the subject line.



Title: One For the Money

System: GUMSHOE One-2-One

Author: Chris Spivey

Deadline: 30th April

Number of sessions: 1-2


Rhino Jones needs a solid. Has hell frozen over? Can Langston Wright get to the bottom of this before he and his new partner are devoured by what man was not meant to know? The clock is running and dozens of lives and sanity are at stake as America’s new superweapon is in the hands of its enemies.


Title: The Persephone Extraction

System: Night’s Black Agents

Author: See individual entries

Deadline: 30th April

Number of sessions: 2-4


THE PERSEPHONE EXTRACTION is a campaign for Night’s Black Agents. Each of the adventures below should take 2-4 sessions to play through, and is largely standalone. Please let us know which one you would like to playtest – once you  have submitted your playtest feedback, you can playtest a second adventure. THE PERSEPHONE EXTRACTION is the first adventure in the sequence and THE PEOPLE OF ASH is the last; the other three can be played in any order. The adventures are:

  • SLEEPING GIANTS (Will Plant): The trail leads through Moscow to a sealed city, where forbidden plagues slumber in a concrete tomb buried deep beneath the tundra. The Conspiracy are on their way here, to obtain more of the pathogen they need to implement their cryptic Pale Agenda. The Agents are all that stands between the vampires and the plague…
  • CLEAN-HEELED ACHILLES (Heather Albano): Mysterious disappearances and archaeological traces bring the Agents to Istanbul, where they must uncover the secrets of an ancient monastery – and descend into the Underworld to confront the living dead.
  • THE PALE AGENDA (Bill White): The Conspiracy intends to recruit an international drug smuggler as part of their plan to end the world – but that initiation gives the Agents a vitally needed entry vector into the vampires’ most cherished tool. Corporate intrigue meets occult rituals in Madrid…

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