13th Age Character Builds: Furious Barbarian



In this series by ASH LAW, we feature two different builds for every 13th Age character class, at all levels. ASH suggests how the builds might be used, and offers tips on playing each character. Stats are based on the point-buy method, and the characters have no non-standard elements.

This time, we look at two different takes on the Barbarian. The Unstoppable Barbarian is here.


Download the Furious Barbarian character sheets here.

This barbarian risks everything, heedlessly attacking in a frenzy of blows. This build works best against multiple foes.

If your primary, indeed only concern, is damage output and killing everything in your path then this barbarian build is for you. Get stuck into knots of mooks as soon as you can, kill them, and move on to the next set of enemies. As you decimate weaker enemies it frees other characters to focus on tougher boss foes—and once you’ve cleared the battlefield of weaker enemies that could endanger your allies you should join them in taking down the big bads.

However, this build is best used in groups which focus on ending fights early with high damage output and devastating cooperative tactics. If every character focuses on slaying enemies with massive attacks then enemies don’t stick around long enough to endanger you.

If your group prefers to be less focused or your teamwork isn’t as tight as it could be then you’ll find yourself running ahead of the group and taking more than your fair share of damage—not to worry, just let players whose characters can heal know that you need constant healing to stay effective if battles run long.

This barbarian prefers to swing the biggest two-handed weapon that can be found, leaving shields to those who care about defense—this barbarian is all about going on the offense.


Barbaric Cleave

Barbaric cleave gives you an extra attack after you drop a foe.

Building Fury

It sucks to miss, but this talent takes the sting out of missing by making later attacks deadlier.


Whirlwind drops your defenses but lets you attack everything engaged with you—risky but satisfying.


The forgeborn’s never say die power doesn’t require much thought, and that works well with the barbarian class ethos—especially as this build is the one most likely to take a lot of damage.


Strength and Constitution are paramount for a barbarian—thinking about things is for characters who are weak. Str 19 (+4) Con 19 (+4) Dex 10 (+0) Int 8 (-1) Wis 8 (-1) Cha 8 (-1)

1st level

Attributes: Str 19 (+4) Con 19 (+4) Dex 10 (+0) Int 8 (-1) Wis 8 (-1) Cha 8 (-1)

Racial Power: never say die

Talents: barbaric cleave, building frenzy, whirlwind

Feats: barbarian rage

2nd level

New feat (barbaric cleave).

3rd level

New feat (building frenzy).

4th level

+1 to three attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution), new feat (whirlwind).

5th level

New talent (violence), new feat (building frenzy).

6th level

New feat (barbarian rage).

7th level

+1 to three attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution), new feat (barbaric cleave).

8th level

New talent (relentless), new feat (barbarian rage).

9th level

New feat (barbaric cleave).

10th level

+1 to three attributes (Strength, Constitution, Wisdom), new feat (building frenzy).


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