13th Age Character Builds: Unstoppable Barbarian



In this series by ASH LAW, we feature two different builds for every 13th Age character class, at all levels. ASH suggests how the builds might be used, and offers tips on playing each character. Stats are based on the point-buy method, and the characters have no non-standard elements.

This time, we look at two different takes on the Barbarian. The Furious Barbarian is here.


Download the Unstoppable Barbarian character sheets here.


This barbarian build focuses on staying power in a battle, staying upright when other barbarians would fall. Mid-battle self-healing and improved recovery dice together with the toughness feat mean that this barbarian keeps on ticking while butt-kicking.

This barbarian’s focus in battle is on single foes, toe-to-toe combat against the tougher foes while leaving mobs of mooks to be cleared by any magic-users in the group. The slayer attack triggers when you charge into battle with a staggered enemy that you were not previously engaged with, so you will best serve your allies by swooping in and finishing off tough enemies that they are bogged down with (in other words this build is a ‘kill stealer’).

While not exactly fragile, barbarians always benefit from the attentions of allies who can either increase their ability to harm enemies, or to shrug off damage. Remind your fellow players that you are their front-line fighter, and that it is in their interests to heal you so that they don’t have to go toe-to-toe with the big-bads themselves.

Of course this build is less fragile than the ‘frenzy barbarian’ build, as it benefits from its unstoppable mid-battle healing. Stack unstoppable’s hit-to-heal with slayer’s bonus to attack and barbaric rage’s roll-twice-to-hit for maximum damage attacks with healing on the side.

This barbarian uses a shield and a battleaxe, losing a bit of damage output in exchange for an increase in AC (hopefully this barbarian will find a magical shield and get an increase in hit points).



Slayer increases your damage against staggered enemies.


Strongheart improves your recovery dice.


Unstoppable lets you heal mid-combat, provided you hit with an attack (preferably yelling “I’m unstoppable!” before making the roll).


Dwarf, short and angry, and with the is that your best shot? racial power it makes for a surprisingly persistent barbarian—which is exactly what we are looking for with this build.


Constitution is the most important attribute for this barbarian, followed by Strength. Str 18 (+4) Con 20 (+5) Dex 10 (+0) Int 8 (-1) Wis 8 (-1) Cha 8 (-1)

1st level

Attributes: Str 18 (+4) Con 20 (+5) Dex 10 (+0) Int 8 (-1) Wis 8 (-1) Cha 8 (-1)

Racial Power: is that your best shot?

Talents: slayer, strongheart, unstoppable

Feats: toughness

2nd level

New feat (slayer).

3rd level

New feat (barbarian rage).

4th level

+1 to three attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution), new feat (unstoppable).

5th level

New talent (violence), new feat (slayer).

6th level

New feat (barbarian rage).

7th level

+1 to three attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution), new feat (unstoppable).

8th level

New talent (ancestral warband), new feat (slayer).

9th level

New feat (barbarian rage).

10th level

+1 to three attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution), new feat (unstoppable).

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