The Yellow King Surpasses £100K and Starts Dropping Some Hints

The second week of The Yellow King Roleplaying Game Kickstarter doesn’t officially begin until 8 pm Eastern tonight.

But already you, our beloved, absinthe-sipping backers, have placed us way past our expectations, cracking the £100,000 barrier in the wee small hours of the night.

Also past our expectations: the number of stretch goals you’ve left in the dust.

Fortunately we still have a rich inventory of them in store.

Currently up for grabs is Wheelers & Dealers, expanded examples for meshing group goals and the acquisition of Chits and Hits in Aftermath.

Ready to step into the breach when that falls is When You Come at the King, a section on meeting, interacting with, and hopefully not being immediately killed by, the king and his equally alarming daughters.

After that, the most requested stretch goal of all: YKRPG Open Content. Hitting this goal will buy me the time to add the new rules systems, including the player-facing combat system and Shock and Injury cards, to the GUMSHOE Open License reference document.

And there’s much more in the hopper, including:

  • artists and models

  • weirdness in Brittany

  • yet more monsters

  • dread Carcosa itself

  • design notes

  • advanced GM tips

  • conversion documents

  • a very cool art feature from The Wars illustrator Melissa Gay

  • something involving Ken I haven’t told him about yet

  • and music, as always, is by James Semple

If there’s something you’d like to see added to the core books, now is the time to let me know.

Backers, thanks again for your support. You can continue to grow this project by signal boosting us in your social media hangouts of choice.

Prospective backers, there’s never been a better time to jump on board. You have nothing to lose but your hold on reality.

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