Friday the 13th Age Returns!

Friday the 13th Age LogoIt’s Friday the 13th, and you know what that means: it’s 13th Age DayTo celebrate, we’re offering a 13% discount on select 13th Age products at the Pelgrane Store and DriveThruRPG until Monday.

Use the code 13TH@FRI at the Pelgrane Store.

The discount applies to all 13th Age PDFs on both stores, and all print items except bundles, Bestiary 2, and Fire and Faith. Check out the game for the first time by buying the core book, or fill the gaps in your collection!

How can YOU participate in Friday the 13th Age (besides buying stuff)? Post something cool and useful for the game online with the hashtag #FridayThe13thAge. We’ll happily reshare the best of the bunch!

For example:

  • Link to a monster, magic item, icon, setting, homebrew class, house rule or play aid that you or someone else in the community created.
  • Share helpful 13th Age GM tips,.
  • Tell people about your favorite 13th Age product, whether it’s by Pelgrane Press or a third party publisher who’s creating great 13th Age material.
  • Link to a 13th Age podcast or YouTube channel that deserves more attention.
  • Play 13th Age and post a pic; or play online via Google Hangout or Roll20.
  • One Unique Things!

Friday the 13th Age comes but once a year. (Maybe two or three times, depending on the year.) Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts!


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