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Page XX logo (2015_04_01 16_53_09 UTC)We’re spending more time at the moment focusing on the visual appearance of our books, and so we’ve been drooling over the very beautiful 13th Age Glorantha. Our colleagues at Moon Design Publishing/Chaosium have a well-deserved reputation for visually stunning books, and 13G is no exception. We’re happy to be able to offer this on pre-order in our webstore this month, as part of a value bundle with 13th Age, and The Glorantha Sourcebook, and we’ve got a larger than usual selection of 13th Age articles and resources to go along with it.

We’ve still got the pre-order of our own – if we do say so ourselves – visually stunning book The Fall of DELTA GREEN. This GUMSHOE adaptation of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game is being touted as the most beautiful book we’ve ever produced, thanks to the stunning art and design by Jen McCleary, which brings Kenneth Hite’s 1960s Delta Green into glorious, technicolour life.

This month, we’re also intrigued to see the video run-through of the updated Black Book Character Generator, and excited to announce that the alpha tests start next week! (Register here if you want to help test it).

New Releases

      • 13th Age Glorantha pre-order – Pre-order the full-colour new Glorantha setting for 13th Age, from our good friends at Chaosium
      • The Fall of DELTA GREEN pre-order – Pre-order the full-colour GUMSHOE adaptation of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game and get the PDF now
      • Book of Demons pre-order – Get the new Demonologist class for 13th Age, and get the final PDF on your bookshelf now


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