13% Off the 13th Age On #FridayThe13thAge

Friday the 13th Age is upon us once again! From Friday the 13th through Sunday the 15th, selected 13th Age Roleplaying Game products are on sale for 13% off at the Pelgrane store store, through this special link or using voucher code FRI@13THAGE in the store.

The discount applies to our full range of products, including Battle Scenes bundles, but excluding other bundles, products on pre-order and 13th Age Glorantha and Campaign Coins (which aren’t Pelgrane products).

If you’re looking to fill the missing gaps in your own 13th Age collection, this is a great opportunity. And feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who might enjoy 13th Age—now’s a good time for them to buy the essentials.

Want to participate in the event on Twitter? Use and follow the hashtag #fridaythe13thage

Useful 13th Age links:

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