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Hello to you all! My name is Sadhbh, which is pronounced Sive like five, and I am so very excited to be joining Pelgrane as their part-time Project Manager. Over the next few months I’ll be getting to grips with their bugbears, starting work on their big ideas, and getting involved in all the things that Pelgrane do so well – how awesome is it when you can say that going to gaming conventions is going to be a necessary part of your job?

I have spent over twenty years involved in roleplaying in one way or another: playing and playtesting games; volunteering for various gaming organisations; organising and staffing conventions and events; and working in gaming retail. I was lured into gaming in the late 90’s with the promise of some Jelly Babies if I would “do a few hours” in one-off LARP, and have refused to stop since, even when no more Jelly Babies have been forthcoming.

Outside of roleplaying I have a hilariously varied work background. I am currently a project manager at a research centre, but I have worked as an EA, PA, freelance writer, games store manager, Zombie-NERF games steward, promo person, travelling carnie and one of Santa’s elves. That variety gives me a lot of experience to draw on and also a pathological hatred of Christmas carols.

I am from Ireland but living in Sydney these days as it has fantastic weather, fabulous beaches and also my insanely huge book and LARPing collections, which is going to cost a fortune next to ship next time I move. I am very friendly, insanely curious, highly proactive and also hearing-impaired (so I like everything important in writing). This is actually a brilliant combo for a project manager but will mean that I will probably be first to die in the zombie apocalypse. Come introduce yourself if you see me around; bring Jelly Babies if you want to, please do not bring zombies.

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