Welcome to Mika!

Hello all! My name is Mika and I’m so excited to be here! I’m the new part-time Community Manager for Pelgrane Press and I look forward to tweeting with you. I’ll be handling customer service as well as some aspects of social media and general community engagement. Problems, questions, concerns? I’m your gal.

I’ve been playing TTRPGs since high school; I’m from the classic background of basement dwelling nerd. After a long running affair with exclusively board games, I returned to my first love and we’ve been very happy together. This is my first job in the industry and it’s a dream come true.

I’ve been working in customer service of one sort or another for almost a decade. I spend my non-gaming free time baking, crafting, petting cats, and scheming with close friends for our Next Big Thing.

I’m currently in Chicago but like to think that could change at any moment. Look for me at coming cons, I will be so excited to meet you. I’m pretty baseline excited all the time though, so be prepared. I look forward to helping you with all your Pelgrane needs and hope to grown an even stronger, more supportive community!

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