Introduction to Noah

Hi everyone! My name is Noah Lloyd, and I’m joining Pelgrane as a Production Apprentice. Cat has me trying my hand at a lot of different tasks, and I’m enjoying the opportunity to jump around across projects. Currently I’m a Ph.D. candidate in eighteenth-century English literature, so I’ll be balancing my responsibilities at Pelgrane with both teaching and dissertating (which, yes, is actually a verb, though maybe only in academia). I spend what very little of my remaining time is left rock climbing and contemplating the inevitable overthrow of capitalism, occasionally at the same time.

I only started roleplaying regularly six or seven years ago (one of my favorite stories to tell is how the first time I played D&D I was eight, and my father ran me through a simple dungeon where he killed my character—twice; I didn’t play again till I was in my twenties), but immediately realized that it took all of the things I loved and brought them together into a single medium: narrative, community, books! I’m constantly astounded by the diversity of stories that RPGs can tell, from the genre fiction I’m so in love with (horror and sci-fi) to stories about romance and sad mechs.

At this point I’ve done freelance copyediting, developmental editing for independent creators, written scenarios, and have even designed the occasional layout for my own projects. The absolutely coolest thing is hearing about people I’ve never met playing a game I’ve worked on (or even watching people play them on YouTube!). I can’t wait to hear the stories that emerge from folks playing through the products I help Pelgrane bring to life.

I feel like I’m just at the beginning of my journey with RPGs—on the one hand, there’s so much I need to catch up on, so many classic games I still haven’t played, and on the other, I’m so thrilled to help create new games, scenarios, and books for people to experience.


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