You poor hungry creature, allow me to step into your maw.

The following PDF article originally appeared on in November 2004.

A discussion of Dying Earth RPG rules by Steve Dempsey.

Imagine the scene: after spending a night on the town, our hero is chased by irate husbands and is forced to sleep in a hollow out on the moors. In the morning, much to his chagrin, he notices that the entrance to his sleeping quarters is being watched by a hungry-looking pelgrane. “Kind sir”, entreats the creature, “I am almost fainting for the lack of food. In such inhospitable circumstances as we find ourselves I am the most likely to survive. It is only logical that you should be my food.” A spate of dice rolling ensues and the pelgrane triumphs on an illustrious success. The character’s fate is sealed and he happily feeds the expectant bird, “You poor hungry creature, …”

It may not seem obvious, and even though such an end is droll, this is not how a Dying Earth character should perish…

Download You poor hungry creature, allow me to step into your maw here


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