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See Page XX: The EZ One-Shot System

A column about roleplaying By Robin D. Laws Sometimes you want to run an entirely casual tabletop session that requires next to no prep on your part, and zero learning curve for the players. For example, you might want to run a game around a dinner party, maybe with a break in the middle for […]

See Page XX: Don’t Do That

This post originally appeared on DyingEarth.com between 2004 and 2007. A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws Everybody knows this ancient joke: A guy goes to the doctor. He rotates his arm a bit and says, “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.” So the doctor says, “Don’t do that.” When designing roleplaying rules […]

A Variant On The Tagline: The Incidental Anecdote

The following article on the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on DyingEarth.com in December 2004. By Steve Dempsey Tolstoy had it that there were only two possible plots: a man goes on a journey, and a stranger comes to town. And so it is with the Dying Earth. Cugel, as the main protagonist is usually up […]

You poor hungry creature, allow me to step into your maw.

The following PDF article originally appeared on DyingEarth.com in November 2004. A discussion of Dying Earth RPG rules by Steve Dempsey. Imagine the scene: after spending a night on the town, our hero is chased by irate husbands and is forced to sleep in a hollow out on the moors. In the morning, much to his […]

See P. XX: Kitbashing QuickShock Cards Into Standard GUMSHOE

You may be wondering, either as a thought experiment or something to actually put in place, how to combine Injury and Shock cards from QuickShock, as seen in The Yellow King Roleplaying Game, with the more traditional combat system found in other GUMSHOE games. Reasons to do this: It shortens the learning curve for players […]

Injury and GMCs in QuickShock

Standard GUMSHOE already treats Game Master Characters somewhat differently than player characters. Most notably, it advises that, in a fight, they drop at 0 Health, rather than going through the impairment thresholds that allow some PCs to keep going after hitting negative points. The QuickShock GUMSHOE system, which debuts in The Yellow King Roleplaying Game, […]

See P. XX: Converting QuickShock Foes to Baseline GUMSHOE

See P. XX a column about roleplaying by Robin D. Laws Should you decide to play The Yellow King Roleplaying Game using the baseline version of GUMSHOE found in previous games, such as Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents, or The Esoterrorists, you’ll want to translate its Foe stats. You might also decide to snag […]

Surprise Outcomes in DramaSystem

In my last Page XX column I promised a rule for a rare instance of procedural resolution. This occurs when the caller of the scene wants to be surprised by the outcome of an external event. I admit to being surprised that people want this, but it turns out that a few groups do. It […]

See Page XX: Stripping Down DramaSystem Procedural Resolution

a column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws When characters in DramaSystem want to accomplish something practical, external to their emotional goals, the full procedural system seen in Hillfolk allows you to narrate a detailed scene around that. It determines not only what ultimately happens, but lays down a series of suspense beats along the […]

Refreshing Exhortation

I’ve been binge-watching last year’s seasons of “Arrow” and “The Flash.” One moment both shows frequently resort to, in keeping with their balance of superhero action and emotive interactions, is the inspirational exhortation. One character, the figure everyone else needs to save the day, succumbs to doubt. Another cast member then breaks the self-doubter from […]

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