Revealing the Behemoths Cover!

Behemoths: Paths of the Koru is going into editing in May and now it has its cover: another collaboration between Rich Longmore (pencils) and Lee Moyer (paints and light)!

My concept for the cover was to show a kaiju-plus-sized Koru Behemoth’s face behind the central towers of Drakkenhall, as they’d previously been illustrated by Aaron McConnell and Lee. I thought that Rich might focus on the eyes. I pictured it as a lighting-dependent dramatic close-up of an unnamed Behemoth staring down a city.

I forgot that Rich would not shy away from depicting the entire Behemoth! We didn’t get just a face. We got the whole beast, with background (and mid-ground!) mountains for scale.

Lee loved the sketch. He took time off from his currently Hugo-nominated Small Gods series with Seanan McGuire and all the other projects he works on daily and painted the Behemoth immediately.

I’ve been excited about this book, about the stunts the designers have pulled, and about J-M DeFoggi’s development and coordination. Now I’m sure the Behemoths have the cover they deserve.


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