Behemoths: Paths of the Koru

The earth shakes as the Koru Behemoths make their great circuit around the Dragon Empire. Even the icons must adapt or be trampled!

Fight off the creepy menace of the Shambler and its fungus-encrusted rot elves!

Climb Skyveil’s spiral shell up into the overworld!

Join the Scavenger’s Parade to four magical markets in the far corners of the Empire!

Explore the legendary graveyard of the Koru!

Ride the massive behemoth, Dolphin, as it transitions between its land-form and its undead-haunted nightside-form in the depths of the Iron Sea.

Behemoths: Paths of the Koru is a sourcebook for GMs running champion and epic-tier campaigns. Contents include . . .

  • 11 unique behemoths (8 living, 2 dying, and 1 undead)
  • a bouquet of rot elves
  • 46 other new monsters
  • a monk form from the behemoth-back Library of Bu
  • new magic items
  • campaign notes on the towns and scavengers that live in the behemoths’ wake
  • and the secret plans of the icons to manipulate the Koru and remake the world.

Authors: Liz Argall, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Benjamin Feehan, Julian Kay, Martin Killmann, Rebecca Lauffenburger, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Developers: John-Matthew DeFoggi, Rob Heinsoo

Status: In development

[[behemoths in the mist art by Aaron McConnell]]


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    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Andy. This doesn’t have a product page yet, as it has only recently gone into editing. Once this has been put on pre-order or has been released you’ll be able to add this to a wish list. Thanks, Becky.

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