First Edition

Intense drama.

Hilarious comedy.

And you are the sole protagonist.

First Edition is the game of personal storytelling for one player and one GM. Incorporating new rules by GUMSHOE One-2-One and DramaSystem designer Robin D. Laws, First Edition features an accessible framework for creating compelling solo protagonist narratives.

This core rulebook also includes eleven innovative RPG adventures and protagonist characters by Robin D. Laws and Wade Rockett, Sarah Saltiel and Ruth Tillman:

  • The Beacon: Glamour, money and ambition at the height of the Jazz Age.
  • Addison’s Shadow: A young girl comes of age, haunted by a shadowy being and visions of her family’s destruction.
  • Earth Again: Deceit abounds as Earth’s last humans hurtle through space.
  • Entreaty and Entanglement: A whipsmart young Regency woman’s prospects take an unexpected turn when she accompanies her sister for a season in the socially bubbling spa town of Bath.
  • Loose Screws: Madcap 30s comedy ensues when Cupid aims his screwball arrow at nervous milquetoast Dennis Cunningham and feisty, unpredictable heiress Mary Sinclair.
  • Love’s Loyal Laborers: In Elizabethan Verona, clever servants scheme to stop their stubborn young charges from wriggling out of the perfect marriage.
  • Seekers: The lives of three Americans continue to intersect as they invent and reinvent themselves from the late 60s to the mid 2010s.
  • True Rock Stories: Lizzie Liar: A 70s punk powerhouse struggles with a hostile music industry, conflicts with her bandmates, and her personal demons in the 80s and 90s.
  • Way Station: The arrival of a telepath on her space station abruptly shifts a hard-won sense of balance for resourceful mechanic Adi.
  • Without You: A vampire and his mortal love reckon with secrets, sickness, and immortality.
  • Inheritance: In a generation-spanning science fiction saga, artificial people complete a migration started by the humans that created them, establishing a new society to memorialize the old.

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