First Edition playtesting

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First Edition

System: DramaSystem One-2-One

Authors: Robin D. Laws, Wade Rockett, Sarah Saltiel, Ruth Tillman

Deadline: 30th September 2023

Number of sessions: 1+


In First Edition, one player and one Game Moderator create a story of dramatic interaction and personal transformation featuring a single protagonist.

Using its simple rules, you and your collaborator can weave a narrative that feels like a dramatic film or a work of literary fiction. You might fashion a tragedy of jealousy, a comedy of love lost and regained, a political satire, a spiral into existential crisis, a coming of age story, or a chronicle of a life from cradle to grave.

The playtest involves a commitment to a single adventure which should take no more than two sessions. Playtesters who submit feedback on an initial adventure in advance of the deadline can then apply to playtest further adventures.

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