Lala Fulgur

A Mutant City Blues GMC

Lala Fulgur knows something the investigators want to know, either from her brief criminal career or her status as top dog in the enhanced gang at your city’s prison for women.

When Lala gained mutant powers, she did what a lot of people did. She pretended she didn’t have them. It wasn’t until her no-good ex-husband Lonnie got himself mixed up with the meth scene that she gave herself away. Lonnie had partial custody of the kids, Mitzi and Raver, back then. So when dealers who figured Lonnie was selling in their territory threatened the kids, Lala had to find them and toss them around a bit.

She didn’t count on the other dealers, the ones Lonnie was in with, getting wind of this. They came to her and offered her assistance if she’d occasionally use her powers on their behalf. They wouldn’t expect her to do anything permanent to anyone. Just muss the occasional person up a bit, the way she did with the creeps who threatened the kids.

Maybe Lala wouldn’t have given in to temptation, but Lonnie’s heavy-duty pals were smart about it. They didn’t bring around no bags of cash. Instead they bought stuff for Mitzi and Raver. Horse lessons. An all terrain vehicle. Christmas presents.

Lala could refuse stuff for herself but not for the kids. So yeah, Lala became occasional back-up muscle for them. And that one night when she misgauged her own strength and put a guy in the hospital, that was never part of the plan. Because the guy, it later turned out, was an undercover cop.

Now Lonnie has full time custody of the kids. Even when Lala’s sentence is up she likely won’t get them back. But at least she can visit them. Thing is, because it was a cop she hurt, she’s in for a long stretch. One she’d like to see lessened.

But she won’t snitch on anyone like her. No one locked up on account of they were jammed up and had no way out. There’s only a few fellow inmates bad enough she’d be willing to provide information on them. And it would have to be confidential. Lala can’t go around with a reputation as a snitch. Any cooperation has to be a hundred per cent strictly hidden from the population.

As it is, Lala acts as unofficial spokesman and leader for the incarcerated mutant population. She mediates internal disputes and keeps beefs with other factions contained. The warden only half trusts her but she hopes eventually to earn a note on her record and, best case, a sentence reduction.

Lala has super strength, heals up real fast, and can extend her limbs. According to her, she can’t fly. However, that power sits right next to strength on the Quade Diagram. What prisoner hoping to stay in good with the warden would admit to powers of flight, when no such thing had ever been proven?

If Lala acts as a friendly witness in one case, she might reappear in a later episode, in which the squad works to clear her name after someone tries to hang the rap on her in a prison killing.

Mutant City Blues is an investigative science fiction roleplaying game by Robin D. Laws where members of the elite Heightened Crime Investigation Unit solve crimes involving the city’s mutant community. Purchase Mutant City Blues in print and PDF at the Pelgrane Shop.

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