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Original Dying Earth Press Release

The following press release for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on around 2004. Stories of the Earth’s demise are premature. Press Release Pelgrane Press LONDON, ENGLAND – Dying Earth RPG released. After two years of development, design and playtesting, Pelgrane Press has released its role playing game based on novelist Jack Vance´s seminal Dying […]

A Taste of Something Different

This article about the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on The Dying Earth RPG as an alternative roleplaying game system by Lynne Hardy If you don’t know what a roleplaying game is, read this article about the Dying Earth RPG instead. Fantasy was the inspiration for the first roleplaying games, and amongst the inspirations for the […]

An Interesting Place to Visit

This article on the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on between 2004 and 2007. What is the Dying Earth RPG? by Lynne Hardy The Dying Earth is a rich fantasy world, full of complex characters and detailed environs. Thus it presents itself as a perfect setting for a roleplaying game and indeed one has […]

In Dreams, What Death May Come

The following adventure for The Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in January 2005. This short scenario seed by Steve Dempsey can be dropped into any ongoing Dying Earth campaign. The adventurers are on the road traveling. It is getting late and night is drawing in. As they near their destination, they spot a lone […]

Employment Sought – a pick-a-path adventure

The following pick-a-path adventure was originally written by Jim Webster and Peter Freeman, and appeared on in November 2005. I have simply transferred its contents into a Twine html format. May you once again enjoy… Employment Sought The Dying Earth — and its rules-lighter version the Revivification Folio — take you into the world […]

View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – December 2004

The following article, on the Dying Earth RPG and The Book of Unremitting Horror, appeared on in December 2004. This month, David Thomas has completed the editing of The Book of Unremitting Horror. I will cast my eye over it before Christmas and send the final version off for layout. Dragonmeet 2004 went well for everyone – […]

View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – November 2004

The following article for the Dying Earth RPG and Fear Itself originally appeared on in November 2004. Push aside the detritus to see the shiny gew-gaws horded by the Pelgrane Our last release was XPS 6 (ed: now bundled as The Excellent Prismatic Spray) – a good few months’ ago now. But we aren’t slacking, I […]

A Variant On The Tagline: The Incidental Anecdote

The following article on the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in December 2004. By Steve Dempsey Tolstoy had it that there were only two possible plots: a man goes on a journey, and a stranger comes to town. And so it is with the Dying Earth. Cugel, as the main protagonist is usually up […]

You poor hungry creature, allow me to step into your maw.

The following PDF article originally appeared on in November 2004. A discussion of Dying Earth RPG rules by Steve Dempsey. Imagine the scene: after spending a night on the town, our hero is chased by irate husbands and is forced to sleep in a hollow out on the moors. In the morning, much to his […]

Doodle All the Day

This short adventure for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in October 2004. This adventure by Steve Dempsey is for use as a diversion in your regular campaign and can be slotted in as the characters are travelling between locations. It’s suitable for Cugel-level characters, who encounter a small pool by the roadside containing […]

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