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Wiping the Slate Clean (Part 2)

This short adventure for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in September 2004. Part two of an adventure by Steve Dempsey. This part of the adventure is very unstructured and is an opportunity to use Robin’s “Yes, But …” See Page XX columns. The adventure takes place in the PCs’ collective memory so it […]

Wiping the Slate Clean (Part 1)

This short adventure for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in August 2004. by Steve Dempsey Amaranth is tall and willowy with a girlish bob of black hair. Her features are attractive but quite sharp. Her eyes are gray. She wears outmoded fashion from Aeons ago, a green military jacket with lapels and medals […]

Adventure: The Balance Restored

This short adventure for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in July 2004. by Steve Dempsey The mage Vanduk has promised to deliver a talk at a conclave. His reputation rides on the success of his demonstration. His talk is about how spell pervulsions are combined to make worthwhile effects, but his understanding […]

Adventure: Sartorial Reference

  This short adventure for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in June 2004. by Steve Dempsey Master Wilbon Sar, a member of the Scholasticarium, teaches XIIth Aeon Custom. Wilbon dresses in typical style of that period, that is to say cumbersome robes that splay out into a calf length skirt. They are […]

A Very Pelgrane Solstice

Olingo the Sedulous had studied the creature’s routine, and was thus surprised to see the pelgrane flapping back to its nest a good hour before its projected time of arrival. The scholar, no longer as young as he wished to appear, attempted to clamber from the collection of firmly packed branches comprising the monster’s home. […]

A Smallpox on All Your Houses

A while back we learned of the vials of supposedly destroyed smallpox virus that turned up in a laboratory storage room in Bethesda, Maryland. Luckily, no one was exposed to the deadly disease, allowing us to guiltlessly mine the incident for scenario inspiration. How you might use it depends on the game you’re currently running: […]

Talisman Vendors of the Renewed Glandive

In his January Rolling Stone profile of Pope Francis I, writer Mark Binelli supplies a classic bit of color reportage: Outside St. Peter’s Square, hawkers are selling everything from Sistine Chapel tours to airbrushed paintings of Tupac, Bob Marley and the pope. I ask one of the vendors, a tall Belizean with a shaved head, […]

Remembering Jack Vance

Jack Vance, master-story teller, is dead. He died aged 96, with a huge body of work and a wide but subtle influence as part of his legacy. In his eponymous story, Mazirian the Magician encompasses spells, forcing them with great effort into his cerebellum then releasing them at moments of narrative convenience. They are gone […]

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