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13 True Ways Art Preview: Ambush Bug

Rob Heinsoo burrowed his way out of the ground, startling the Pelgrane staff tremendously, and delivered this 13 True Ways update. 13th Age is almost here! Quick – reserve your copy today at the Pelgrane Shop or your local game store and download the finished PDF! Matt Nelson entered the Monster Art +13 contest for […]

Tarrasque at Bay

Rob Heinsoo crawled miraculously unharmed out of the massive footprint left by a Koru Behemoth to give us this sneak peek at more 13 True Ways monster art… The Monster Art +13 contest we ran after the 13 True Ways Kickstarter had one entry that I discarded immediately. It was from Christoper Tatro and it read like […]

Rob Heinsoo: Five 13th Age Progressions

The 13 True Ways cover above is our first rough draft. Aaron and Lee still have lots of work they plan to do on it. That’s a wind-and-lightning powered druid fighting a dragon who has yet to be revealed. It gives us game designers something to strive towards. Lee calls the piece Over Drakkenhall. I […]

You Guys Really Hated This Town

Rob Heinsoo emerged from his incense-befogged meditation chamber in a state of divine communion with the gods of Light, to bring us yet another update on 13 True Ways… The fire/layout situation claimed most of my attention, and I just realized that we never officially let you know the outcome of the I Hate This Town […]

Icon Dice Rings Update

We’ve just received the prototype images of the 13th Age icon ring. You’ll be able to use it to randomly determine which of the game’s 13 icons is involved in a  particular scene — or perhaps pulling the strings in secret. Dice Rings certainly outdid themselves with the final product and we couldn’t wait to share it […]

Play 13th Age at Emerald City ComicCon

Our Seattle-area 13th Age GMs will run demos at Emerald City ComicCon this weekend. We haven’t heard exactly where yet, but here’s the gaming area map — you’ll find us somewhere in there. Or just wander around yelling, “I DECLARE FOR THE LICH KING!” and we’ll yell back. Come by and join a game of 13th […]

Magic Item: The Feathered Crown

Rob Heinsoo recently flew down from the skies on a fire-breathing dragon, igniting several thatched-roof cottages before soaring off. The scorch marks he left behind spelled out this update on 13 True Ways: There are three Alchemist-tier 13 True Ways Kickstarter backers who gave us magic items to illustrate. The first item is the Feathered […]

Monster Art +13 Contest Winner: Enraged Treant!

Rob Heinsoo recently emerged from the woods near our Seattle offices to deliver this update on 13 True Ways before returning to the wild in the company of a pack of wolves that seemed to obey his telepathic commands.  Here’s the second rough sketch by Aaron McConnell showing off one of the winners from the Monster Art +13 contest. The treant […]

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