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Rob Heinsoo: Monster Art +13 Contest Winners

Rob Heinsoo crashed through the window in our Seattle offices, locked in deadly combat with a ninja, to deliver this update on 13 True Ways before vanishing along with his foe in a flash of fire and a puff of concealing smoke. I’m pleased to announce the thirteen winners of the Monster Art +13 contest, Kickstarter […]

13th Age: Obskures.de Interview With Rob Heinsoo

Obskures.de recently interviewed three-fourths of the creative team behind 13th Age. (Aaron McConnell was on deadline and chained to his drawing table that week.) In this installment, co-designer Rob Heinsoo is on the hot seat.  obskures.de: How did you get involved in gaming, and how did you make the leap to becoming a professional? Rob Heinsoo: […]

13th Age: Obskures.de Interview With Lee Moyer

Obskures.de recently interviewed three-fourths of the creative team behind 13th Age. (Aaron McConnell was on deadline and chained to his drawing table that week.) In this installment, artist Lee Moyer weighs in. obskures.de: Let’s start with your personal history. How did you get involved with gaming? Lee Moyer: I began gaming in 1979 with the original […]

Rob Heinsoo: 13th Age Update

Rob Heinsoo emerged from his subterranean lair to give us this update on the status of the 13th Age RPG, the 13 True Ways expansion, his new Shards of the Broken Sky adventure and more. As you might have seen in Simon Rogers’ Through the Scrying Glass column, I finished the manuscript for 13th Age in November and turned the […]

Who Did I Punch? 20 Tavern Brawlers for 13th Age

I started my Blackmarch 13th Age campaign this past weekend. It’s sort of like True Grit with swords and magic, and I decided to get the players into the frontier spirit by kicking it off with a good, old-fashioned tavern brawl. I treated the other brawlers as low-hp mooks, so the PCs could emerge as […]

13 True Ways – Paint The Town Round 2 Winner: Horizon!

From Rob Heinsoo: We have two winners of Paint the Town. The winners are the Three and the Archmage. You expected maybe Drakkenhall and Horizon? Oh yeah. Right. The cover story is that it’s a geography piece, a city map. But what’s really going down is that we’ll be digging into the impact an icon […]

13 True Ways – Paint The Town Round 1 Winner: Drakkenhall!

One of the big stretch goals we reached during the Kickstarter for 13 True Ways, the first 13th Age expansion, was Paint The Town. It goes like this: backers get to vote on which major city in the Dragon Empire gets a detailed section in the book that includes at least one full two-page map of […]

Devil of the Fangs

Devil of the Fangs: “When the Blessed Emperor pacified the Midland Sea, most of the terrible giants of the deeps swam out into the Iron Sea. But some of the great krakens moved onto land. They converted their deep magic into river magic and became the river devils, armored squid-like monstrosities capable of heaving themselves from […]

The 13th Age Kickstarter and 13 True Ways

13 True Ways is a 180 page hardback book from the original 13th Age team – Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Aaron McConnell and Lee Moyer. The Fire Opal and Pelgrane Press Kickstarter for 13 True Ways has hit its mark with over a week to go –  so it’s going to happen. 13 True Ways […]

Free 13th Age Downloads and Resources

Here you’ll find official materials as well as useful game resources and play aids created by the 13th Age fan community. A link to a third-party site doesn’t mean that we agree with or endorse all of the opinions on that site. Quick Links 13th Age core book 13th Age FAQ 13th Age Organized Play 13th Age Licensing Vault […]

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