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13 True Ways Art Preview: Ambush Bug

Rob Heinsoo burrowed his way out of the ground, startling the Pelgrane staff tremendously, and delivered this 13 True Ways update. 13th Age is almost here! Quick – reserve your copy today at the Pelgrane Shop or your local game store and download the finished PDF! Matt Nelson entered the Monster Art +13 contest for […]

Tarrasque at Bay

Rob Heinsoo crawled miraculously unharmed out of the massive footprint left by a Koru Behemoth to give us this sneak peek at more 13 True Ways monster art… The Monster Art +13 contest we ran after the 13 True Ways Kickstarter had one entry that I discarded immediately. It was from Christoper Tatro and it read like […]

Rob Heinsoo: Five 13th Age Progressions

The 13 True Ways cover above is our first rough draft. Aaron and Lee still have lots of work they plan to do on it. That’s a wind-and-lightning powered druid fighting a dragon who has yet to be revealed. It gives us game designers something to strive towards. Lee calls the piece Over Drakkenhall. I […]

The Call of Chicago: Herding, Culling, Listing

[Edit: If you are super-sad your favourite monster has been missed out, post in the comments – SJR] Much to my surprise and delight, my last few weeks have been consumed neither by vampires nor by Elder Things, but rather by a whole horde of monsters. And like I need to tell you, dealing with […]
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