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Trail of Cthulhu Combat Example

Here is an example of Trail of Cthulhu combat, in which three plucky adventures confront a crypt-dwelling corpse-eater. Dramatis Personae The consumptive Professor Oberon Lankwiller Player: Larry Health 5, [no rating in Firearms], Scuffling 4 Weapon: Webley revolver +0 Hit Threshold: 3 The brash Tag Hunter Player: Tina Health 13, Firearms 10, Weapons 8, Scuffling […]

Duking it Out in Ashen Stars

By Robin D. Laws This is the second of two installments covering additional combat options for Ashen Stars. See part one for explanation and disclaimers. While the rules themselves are from the Esoterror Fact Book, the enhancements and gear are new and have not been playtested. Because, seriously, who playtests columns? Critical Hits Fact Book […]

Suppressing Fire in Ashen Stars

By Robin D. Laws In this, the first in a two-part series, I’ll be looking at ways to inject additional combat options into your Ashen Stars games. Next month’s selections adapt existing combat add-ons first found in the Esoterror Fact Book to throwdowns in the Bleed. This column floats a new rule concept in unplaytested […]

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