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New 13th Age Classes: A Swordmaster and an Earth Priestess Walk into the Dragon Empire

by Rob Heinsoo Several years after releasing our 13th Age grab-bag 13 True Ways, Jonathan Tweet and I have teamed up to create a new, 464-page 13th Age supplement that contains a mix of new classes, monsters, magic powers, adventures, and narrative tricks. 13th Age Glorantha (13G), published by Chaosium, and now available in PDF and […]

13th Age Glorantha

Enter Glorantha, Greg Stafford’s classic fantasy world of richly imagined cultures, ferocious combat, and colliding mythologies. 13th Age Glorantha is a new setting for 13th Age, Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet’s d20-rolling game of heroic fantasy, escalating combat, One Unique Things, and limb-ripping owlbears. You’ll need the 13th Age corebook to play 13th Age Glorantha—the two books are available […]

The Glorantha Sourcebook

A Guide to the Mythic Fantasy World of Glorantha for your 13th Age Glorantha campaign The Glorantha Sourcebook is an essential resource for Greg Stafford’s world of Glorantha, one of the most extensively developed and renowned fantasy settings of all time. A world of mythology, gods, and heroes, Glorantha has inspired roleplaying games, board games, […]

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