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Pelgrane GMs needed for Origins and Gen Con 2018

We’re looking for GMs to run our games at Origins and Gen Con 2018! If you’re interested in joining the GM crew at Gen Con, please email us at support@pelgranepress.zendesk.com with the following info: Your name and, if you have one, a nickname, alias, or online handle that gamers might know you by (e.g. cthulhuchick, Heavy Metal GM) Your convention-registered email […]

Designing the 13th Age GM’s Resource Book

Pre-Order the 13th Age Gamemaster Screen and Resource Book, and download the PDF now! “We have targeted the game toward experienced gamemasters and players at all levels of roleplaying experience.” – 13th Age core book 13th Age assumes you already know how to run an F20 roleplaying game—in fact, you’ve probably already done it more than a few times. You’re […]

Interview with a GM – Ruth Tillman

This is the first in a series of interviews with GMs who enjoy running and playing Pelgrane Press games. Ruth Tillman is the deserved first on the list. She’s runs convention games, notably Trail of Cthulhu at GenCon. She co-hosts The Double Shadow, a Clark Ashton Smith Podcast and writes about Weird Gaming for The Illuminerdy […]

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