Run a Pelgrane Game at GenCon Indie 2011

logo_indyWe’re determined to make this years GenCon our best yet, we’ve got some great new products coming out, namely Bookhounds of London and Ashen Stars, and we want to showcase them in all their glory. We need GMs to run games which will appear in the GenCon program book. To anyone who hosts an event with one of our games we will show our gratitude by giving money-off vouchers to the GM for use at the Con. We’ll also publicise your game. Just let us know as soon as you’ve submitted an event.

The system for setting up games through the GenCon website is pretty straightforward.

  1. Go to the GenCon website and if you haven’t already, register.
  2. On the GenCon Reg page, after you’ve logged in, you will see on the right of the screen ‘Submit an Event’
  3. Fill in the form, click Submit at the bottom.
  4. Finished!

The deadline for submitting events is the 11th March, a full timetable and loads of advice can be found here and a very comprehensive list of FAQs can be found here. We are happy to supply convention scenarios for whichever Pelgrane game you decide to run. If you would like to do this, please email me with details of your event once it’s been submitted or if you have any other questions at all. Once you have registered and had approval for your event, we’re happy to send the vouchers out before the convention.

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