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September playtesting

If you are interested any of these games, please email me with the game you wish to playtest in the subject line.   Ashen Stars Character Builder DC has been working on an Ashen Stars version of the free Black Book character generator. It will be fully ready for testing next Monday. It will include […]

13th Age Playtest Ends: Another Age Begins

Round Two of the 13th Age playtest has ended. We’re profoundly grateful to the players and GMs who took the early version of the game out on the road and tested it thoroughly. They provided valuable feedback on everything from the icon relationship mechanics to the monk’s fighting styles to punctuation errors. People are passionate […]

June Playtesting Opportunities

June brings new playtesting opportunities. Owl Hoot Trail by Clinton R. Nixon and Kevin Kulp, and Sisters of Sorrow, a new Trail of Cthulhu adventure from Adam Gauntlett. Each playtest has its own email link. Please click the link to send the email. You can playtest mulitple games, as long as you can make the […]

13th Age Playtest: A Letter from Rob Heinsoo

Dear 13th Age playtesters, For those of you who didn’t see the first playtest draft, welcome aboard for Round Two. And a big thank you to returning playtesters who sent feedback already. I’m happy with many elements of the current draft. It’s not done, but the pieces that aren’t in the official manuscript yet are […]

Playtest Hillfolk With Me On Google Hangout

Do you have a webcam, a free evening this Thursday, and a hankering to try out Hillfolk, my upcoming game using the new DramaSystem rules set? The playtest will take place on Google Hangout from 7-10 PM Eastern this Thursday, May 3rd. To indicate your interest in taking part, leave me (Robin Laws) a private […]

March Playtesting Opportunities

The first round of playtesting for 13th Age is now closed. The next round will open in April. Stay tuned! Please email me if you if you are interested in the New World playtest.   13th Age System: New Written by: Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo Deadline: Preliminary feedback 30th April. Full feedback 30th May. […]

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