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Night’s Black Agents Review

A review of five-ENnie-nominated Night’s Black Agents by Charlie White on Intwischa If you want to feel like a badass, get this book. If you’re sick of Twilight, get this book. If you want compelling player-versus-player that doesn’t ruin campaigns or friendships, get this book. Hell, if you like roleplaying games, get this book. It […]

The Zalozhniy Quartet Review on Flames Rising

A review from veteran Megan Robertson for the The Zalozhniy Quartet. The whole campaign captures the feel inherent in the core rulebook excellently with plenty of scope for the characters to grow, develop, struggle as the experienced mercenary spies that they are supposed to be, complete with options presented based on the mode of game […]

13 Age review on Forbes.com

Erik Kain recently gave 13th Age an excellent review on Forbes.com, saying: “…one of the best systems I’ve encountered—and I’ve either played or read the rules to countless d20 systems at this point—is 13th Age, a game cobbled together by Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo.” He then goes on to say: “13th Age is … […]

Night’s Black Agents Review

Michael Wolf over at Stargazer’s World has written a detailed and balanced review of Kenneth Hite’s newest GUMSHOE offering, Night’s Black Agents. You can read the full review here. It’s very well written, basically allows you to run or play in every spy thriller subgenre with vampires or not, and it adds a lot to […]

13th Age: First Impressions on Mechanics at Dorkadia

Jon Spengler at Dorkadia recently ran 13th Age for his gaming group, and shares his first impressions of the mechanics. It sounds as if they had a great time — Jon describes the gameplay as “simple and authentic feeling”: [In] just a single page character sheet and a handful of potent abilities/spells, each player character functions […]

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