View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

This month, sees the release of Dissonance – four tracks by James Semple, this time for Esoterrorists. We have a couple of new limited products available from the special order page of our store, a few more copies of the Trail of Cthulhu Leatherbound version, and 18 copies of the advanced Mutant City Blues. For logistical reasons, they are only available to ship from the States and Canada, so shipping outside there is very expensive. Sorry.

The Dying Earth

This month saw the end of the Dying Earth license. I have six months to sell up the remaining stock. I think we have done the license justice, and I had a hoot running the game last week. Only one player had played Dying Earth before, but the rest got into it very quickly. One happy player whose character had Glib persuasion said, “this is just glorified bullshitting, isn’t it?” I’m not sure Jack Vance would have put it that way, but that’s not a bad take on it.

The Esoterrorists

Dissonance cover

Dissonance: Music for The Esoterrorists

This release includes four fantastic, atmospheric tracks for your Esoterrorists game. Read the sleeve notes here, and buy it here. You can hear an small sample of James Semples’s Esoterrorist theme here

Trail of Cthulhu

Limited Edition

We printed 50 leather bound copies which were delivered to our shipment location in the States. They are embossed and signed by Ken and Robin. Some of these are now available for sale from the special order page. We’ll sell more at Dragonmeet.

Shadows Over Filmland

Jérome has made his first pass at laying out Shadows Over Filmland, and we’ve included a few pages for you here. You can see some of the illustrations on the Pelgrane Press blog.

Eygptian Scene

New Purist Adventure

Graham Walmsley has written a short Purist adventure set in a school on a Scottish island. It been playtested and is about to be rewritten.

Mutant City Blues cover

Bookhounds of London

Ken Hite has sent an outline for a new setting and background book for Trail. I’ll get the first draft next April.

Arkham Detective Tales

This will now be a four adventure collection, first draft to be completed in January.

Mutant City Blues

We printed up 60 limited edition copies of Mutant City Blues for GenCon Indy, and we still have a few of these left, but only for customers in the States and Canada, unless you want to pay through the nose for shipping. You can get them from the Pelgrane Store. Anyone who buys one will be entitled to playtest MCB and get a playtest version of the Hard Helix, some new adventures for MCB.

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