Encompass Cartography

A new map-making company, and a special offer for Page XX readers.

The Laboratory

As co-owner of ProFantasy, I’ve seen the growth of the computer-assisted and electronic map-making grow from one product (our original Campaign Cartographer) to the plethora of free and commercial map-making programs, and now PDF cartography. Not everyone wants to make their own maps, or use our software to do it, and so there’s an opportunity for ProFantasy to make use of our expertise to create such a range ourselves. ProFantasy has the art – and obviously the software – to create these PDFs.

So, we’ve launched a new range of PDF cartography products under the new Encompass imprint over on
rpgnow.com. Based on original ProFantasy’s Source Maps material and rendered in a beautiful up-to-date style, they include tileable maps at miniature scale, overviews for both player and GM and copious notes. Master Mapper Allyn Bowker is doing the work. We have three products out already, and will be releasing two more every three months or so.

You can see our range here,with reviews and demos.


Until 20th February, we are offering the Mad Wizard’s Laboratory for $3.00, down from $6.95 for Page XX readers. Click here for more details.

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