Products for The Esoterrorists

These are our releases and forthcoming products for the Esoterrorists line. Get them at our webstore, from IPR or your local game store.

  • The Esoterrorists – Core Book – available
  • The Book of Unremitting Horror – Setting Book – available
  • Profane Miracles – A Fastplay Adventure – available
  • Six Packed – A Fastplay Adventure – available
  • Albion’s Ransom – A Campaign – available
  • Dissonance: Music for Esoterrorists MP3s – available
  • The Esoterror Factbook – the Sourcebook – available

The Esoterrorists – Core Book

Esoterrorists Cover

You are elite investigators combating the plots of the Esoterrorists, a loose affiliation of occult terrorists intent on tearing the fabric of the world.

The Esoterrorists introduces the GUMSHOE rules system, which revolutionizes investigative scenarios by ensuring that players are never deprived of the crucial clues they need to move the story forward.

Stock #: PEGL01 Author: Robin D Laws
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 88

Albion’s Ransom

Albion's Ransom Cover

Little Girl Lost is a full-length campaign for The Esoterrorists.

This could be your toughest case yet. First up, get the girl back. Next, find out if the Esoterrorists are involved. Then shut down their conspiracy. Finally, just try to stay alive.

Stock #: PELG05 Author: Ian Sturrock
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 105

Six Packed – PDF Adventure

Ordo Veritatis logo

Six Packed is a fast-paced stand-alone adventure for The Esoterrorists, designed to be played in 3-4 hours with minimal preparation.

A mutilated corpse is found hanging a slaughterhouse, bullet wounds in the shoulders, elbows and knees. It looks like a terrorist punishment killing, but there are subtle clues pointing at Esoterrorist involvement…

Get it at

Stock #: PELG04D Author: P Bongiovanni
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 24

Profane Miracles

Profane Miracles Cover

A fast play adventure for The Esoterrorists
From one of the authors of Spirit of the Century

Profane Miracles is designed for a group of 3-6 players looking for a fast-paced, action-packed adventure to set the blood pumping with easy pick up and play action.
If you can avoid heavily armed criminals and survive the machinations of esoterror agents unscathed… it will be a miracle.

Stock #: PELG06 Author: Leonard Balsera
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 105

The Esoterror Factbook


Profane Miracles Cover

A huge sourcebook for the Esoterrorists. It includes:

  • The Ordo Veritatis Operations Manual – everything you need to know to be an OV operative.
  • Special Suppression Forces – special forces whose dangerous job is to go in hard to clean up after OV teams. Think Dog Soldiers meets the X Files.
  • The Enemy – how they are funded, how they recruitment, their leadership and structure.
Stock #: PELG07 Author: Robin D Laws
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 150
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