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This month is last month of the Dying Earth, and we have sale to commerate it.
We also release our first purely Purist Trail of Cthulhu adventure, offer you an
Esoterrorists competition, and give you tidbits of our future releases. We’ve
also launched a new, improved store which accepts Paypal, in addition to credit
cards. Our PDFs are now available from e23.

The Dying Earth

Dying Earth Sale

At the end of April, the Dying Earth will no longer be available. All PDFs,
and the remaining Dying Earth books are available at 50% off at the Pelgrane Press Store. This is an amazing

About half of our Dying Earth releases have very few copies left; the
new store will show out-of-print and out-of-stock books. I’ve also uploaded XPS 7/8 – the only remaining PDF
release. I think we have done justice by the license, and the time has come to let the febrile sun stutter and fret its last. Thank you so much to you all for your support over many years.

Trail of Cthulhu

The Dying of St Margaret’s


Graham Walmsley’s Purist adventure The Dying of St Margaret’s has
been released, thanks to some rapid layout and art work by Jérome. It’s
available as a PDF from the Pelgrane Press store, rpgnow, and IPR. In it, you
play new teachers at a school investigating the disappearance of former
colleagues. It’s not likely to have a happy ending!

Shadows Over Filmland Update

I’ve had to reprint these. They are due to be completed next week. The full

The books turned up from the printer on time, they are beautifully printed
and bound – even better than Trail, very sturdy, smythe-sewn with head and foot
bands. The artwork glows with silver-screen light. The black end papers contrast
effectively with the lurid cover. But there is one great big bloody problem,
and I can’t release the books

There are no headers or page
numbers on any even page. Of course, they are present on both proofs. I always
insist on hanging on to proofs instead of sending them back. IPR pre-orderers
have been contacted.

Arkham Detective Tales

This four-adventure supplement is ready for illustration and layout after
heavy playtesting. Investigators play the roles of New York’s finest and their
civilian consultants, pursuing the unspeakable in the less savoury parts of the

Mutant City Blues


The launch of MCB went very well – I’m just waiting to get the final retail numbers for the first month’s sales, but I think it is our most successful launch since Trail.

  • Jérome has produced a printer-friendly Quade Diagram, available here.
  • We’ve also added a cover to the PDF version. Redownload it from your download store.
  • Our first set of Mutant City Blues adventures, Hard Helix has been
    illustrated and is in layout.
  • The winners of (and solution to) our Mutant City Blues competition are announced. We had over forty entries of a high calibre. here.



I’ve just had the proof of the Esoterror Factbook; it’s approved and should
be ready by the end of the month. To celebrate its release, we offer you an
Esoterror Factbook competition. It is more nebulous than our Mutant City Blues
one – but what do you expect from the Esoterrorists?

Project SF

Robin Laws has started work on a spacefaring GUMSHOE game. That’s all I can say at the moment!

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