Eternal Lies – The Album

Eternal Lies, the forthcoming mammoth campaign for Trail of Cthulhu will have a sound track album designed for use in actual play, created by James Semple and a team of other musicians.

James Semple, has produced music for GUMSHOE including four tracks for Esoterrorists (Dissonance) and four track for Trail of Cthulhu (Four Shadows )

James told me “I plan to produce an orchestral suite of music to truly capture the atmosphere of this huge globe-spanning adventure. The music will include themes, action pieces and ambient tracks to set the atmosphere throughout the game. The music will be written in the style of early Hollywood epics such as King Kong however it will also include a world music feel incorporating instruments and sounds of the various regions explored. In total there will be 60 minutes of high-quality music and to help me on this epic undertaking I will be utilising the exceptional talents of composers Marie-Anne Fischer, Mike Torr and Yaiza Varona.”

He’ll be blogging on this site as work progresses.

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