New GUMSHOE Setting Competition – Results

Here is the result of the GUMSHOE setting competition.

It was a close run thing, with all three contenders being in the lead at one point. I must say, I was surprised at the result. Sam Friedman wins a $50 store voucher with his toon PI setting.

is the best GUMSHOE idea?
Selection Votes
Hard-boiled investigators hunting down clones, droids and techno-criminals. 30% 68
Carpathian fiend stalks London’s misty alleyways, bloody Dartmoor murders are blamed on a spectral h 31% 71
Tales from Toon-Town: Who Framed Roger Rabbit meets Mutant City Blues in Sin City mixed with true-crime tales and a hint of Scooby Doo 40% 91
230 votes total
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